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Best Program I’ve been working in the financial services industry serving families for many years. Cash Kidz is the best program I have come across from an Educational perspective. I immediately saw how this program could boost our organizations ability to help families and impact the next generation by educating them about money at an early age. My Son (11) and Daughter (14) love this hands-on program, given how easy and fun it is to start and maintain. Thank you Wealth Skills Education for helping to equip parents and caregivers with a practical way of teaching children how to manage money. Harwinder Kang, President & CEO, National Best Financial NetworkOur kids have used CA$HKIDZ for 2 years We have been using the CashKidz money management system with our kids for nearly 2 years now, since we were introduced to it through National Best, and I'm very pleased with the discipline my kids have shown. They have learned to divide their money into different categories for spending and saving, practicing their math skills along the way. They faithfully record their spending and have progressed from saving to investing and are now looking at Private Equity investments inside an RESP. What a long way they've come in 2 short years! Thanks David for putting together this program. I look forward to spreading the word to others. Maria LizakOur daughter has learned to tithe from her Charity wallet and with the money she has put into her treasure wallet, and by adding all her big birthday/Christmas monies over the last 2 years, she bought herself a tablet at the end of June this year, and then she bought a special art tablet (called Bamboo) for herself.  We still pay for our daughter’s school fees, field trips and of course all her food and clothing but now she buys all her own magazines and no longer has the gimmes.  She does not ask for something new every day or week like she used to, and is very conscious of her spending.  She has also started to babysit occasionally and puts all money that she receives into her envelopes.  We love this program and have recommended it to several others. Sharon M

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