A Better Way

Teaching Children About Money Can Be Practical and FUN!! happy_family4b

The joy you will experience when your children are managing money like a successful financial planner will give you the sense that there is hope for your children. Wealth Skills Education will help you set them on the path to great financial success – no matter what vocation they choose to pursue.

Many families struggle to find the best way to teach their children about money. Some parents overemphasize savings – to the disappointment of their children who just want to spend some of that money. Some parents give their children absolutely everything they want – this is teaching the wrong message about money too.

A new system is needed to teach our children about money. Let’s face the facts… if they don’t learn it at home, they may never learn it. The schools don’t teach it. Television doesn’t teach it. If we are not proactive in financial matters with our own children, where are they going to learn about money?

The Vision of Wealth Skills Education is to Help Families
Financially Empower their Children and Teens for the Future

CASH-KIDZ-LOGO---COLORThe Cash Kidz program was designed to offer the highest quality financial education program for your children. Cash Kidz will allow them to develop a successful financial IQ to ensure they are equipped to handle small and large money matters throughout their lives.

Your children will learn, in a practical way, how to save, give, discover their world, have fun, and build long-term wealth. They will be taught in a fun way by five different characters on the five budget areas for children.


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