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A Financial Crisis for North American Families


Financial Knowledge with the Click of a Mouse

Are you looking to be Financially Free?


How would you like to learn how to structure your affairs to…

  • Save more on Taxes
  • Eliminate Bad Debt
  • Accumulate more Wealth
  • Increase Passive Cash Flow
  • Preserve Wealth

There are so many ways you can take your finances to the next level and what better way to do it than in the comfort of your own home with The Financial Boot Camp Instructional Series!

This 7 part Financial Boot Camp is taught by Michael Lepitre, CEO of KD Educational. You will learn more about Financial Freedom, how to improve your credit score, how to legally minimize tax, wealth accumulation and preservation, secrets of the wealthy and so much more! After completing this course, you’ll know the basics of taxes and investments; as well as relevant issues on cash flow and structuring. No matter what financial knowledge you have now, the Financial Boot Camp will empower you to take your finances to the next level.



There are 69 incredible videos like the one you just saw above that will give you the confidence and the system to increase your financial IQ and implement your new knowledge. Here is an outline of the modules that you will receive:


  • Introduction to Financial Boot Camp *
  • Financial Education (the starting point)
  • Active vs Passive Investors
  • Retirement Outlook
  • The Big Picture of Money
  • History of Money
  • Fiat Currency
  • Introduction to Bank Leveraging
  • Module 1 Recap


  • Credit Score
  • Improving Your Credit Score
  • The Closed Circle *
  • Keys to a Closed Circle
  • Creating Overflow
  • Eliminate Bad Debt
  • Bad Debt Elimination Process
  • RRSPs
  • The Smith Manoeuvre
  • Module 2 Wrap-Up


  • Introduction to Module 3
  • Erosive Nature of Income Tax *
  • Legally Minimize your Taxes
  • CRA Tactics
  • Tips for Dealing with CRA
  • Understanding Your Tax Return
  • Tax Planning for the Employed
  • Tax Planning for Business Owners
  • Introduction to Structuring
  • Module 3 Wrap-Up


  • Introduction to Module 4
  • Your Whys
  • Secret Psychology to Money
  • Financial Blueprint
  • Good Planning
  • Setting Goals
  • The Why is more important than the How *
  • Is Time your Friend or Enemy
  • Focusing Strategies
  • Module 4 Wrap-Up


  • Introduction to Module 5
  • Wealth, Riches & Money
  • 3 Important Forms of Wealth
  • Investing Myths
  • Capital Appreciation vs Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Patterns *
  • Cash Flow’s Important Function
  • Your Net Worth
  • Wealth & Cash Flow Working Simultaneously
  • Module 5 Wrap-Up


  • Introduction to Module 6
  • Your AQ
  • The 40 Yr Plan *
  • Roadblocks to Financial Freedom
  • Capital Management Plan
  • Rule #1 Investing
  • D.R.I.P.S.
  • Choosing Investments
  • Cash Flow is the Answer
  • Module 6 Wrap-Up


  • Introduction to Module 7
  • Wealthy People Give
  • Traits of the Wealthy *
  • Recap of the First 4 Steps
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Ways to Wealth Preservation
  • Insurance Questions to Ask
  • The Family Trust
  • Effective Structuring
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
* 7 FREE Videos for Preview

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Wealth Skills Education would love to share 1 FREE video from each Module as a sampling of our Financial Boot Camp.

You can find the FREE Videos on the Module Pages or go directly to each videos with these buttons.

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Here is what some Financial Boot Camp Members had to say…


[icon_list][icon icon_name=”icon-star”]No matter what level you’re at, there’s great value in here. There are benefits on every level. – Ed[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]The Financial Boot Camp is an excellent beginning for whatever financial level you are at! – Joe[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]This Boot Camp was an eye-opener and taught us so much! – Danielle[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]Very good Boot Camp! Well worth it! – Nicole[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]Thanks for starting us on a fabulous journey! – Sylvie[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]This has been great! Where was this 25 years ago? – Ed[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]Great encouragement to get started and re-focus back to my financial objectives! – Andrew[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]This is probably the best money spent in my life! I plan to keep learning and use the material taught here. – Alain[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]This totally changed my thinking on investing, spending and taxes. Excellent course! – Raymond[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]It’s very educational. My passion is to share this experience with everyone I meet. – Gloria[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]The financial knowledge that I have learned was amazing. It will certainly set myself on the right path to financial freedom! – Gerald[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]Enjoyed every minute. It’s great to start thinking in such a different way, to work with numbers, to dream and create ideas. Also, the practical exercises for closed circle, budgets, cash flow spreadsheets are really working for us! – Arlene[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]I feel this was a very good investment and time well spent. This course provided me with tools and procedures to follow to reach my goals. – Raymond[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]I am glad to have taken this course. I learned more about the closed circle budget and how it can make life better for me and my family. – Tara[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]This is outstanding and should be in our school system! – Jarrod[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]I found this course to be life-changing. I appreciated the opportunity to be involved in such a positive class. – Scott[/icon]
[icon icon_name=”icon-star”]I feel great! We’ve implemented strong tracking and closed circle budget in our personal finances. Now tracking in business. Excited about Level 2! – Shreba[/icon][/icon_list]

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