CA$H KIDZ Story #1

The other day I took Gracie and Josh to the bank. We had two projects: one was to deposit all our rolled coins, and the other was to open them each a bank account.

We went into the branch and immediately the customer service rep and teller were ooey-gooey over the kids – Gracie’s toothless grin and Joshy’s flirty smile. The teller showed the kids where a HUGE “iPad” type game was that they could play, so I could go over to the counter and deposit the rolled coins.

I noticed three other professionals standing near the games area but didn’t think much of it. They seemed very serious and very intense in their conversation. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the kids were drawing them into conversation and there was some giggling taking place.

One of the professionals, a tall lady with a very expensive Coach handbag came over to me and interrupted, saying, “Your kids are AMAZING!!! Gracie was just explaining to us what a bank account is and Josh was telling us how the games work. Like a big iPad. When Gracie’s old enough, send her back. She has a job waiting.”

I laughed and thanked her, saying I really enjoy the kids and how much fun they are.

At that point Gracie was conversing with the REAL big wig – I forget his name – but some really high up dude at RBC. She was explaining to him what a bank account is for and what money does…he was shocked. He was laughing, asking her how she knew all this. She replied, with her adorable lisp through her lost tooth, “Well, I’m only seven, but I do a class with my dad called Cash Kids. He’s been teaching me since I was six. We have a VERY CLOSE RELATIONSHIP.”

At this point they were all doubled over laughing!! The big wig said, “RELATIONSHIP?? A seven year old uses a big word like “RELATIONSHIP”???” Send her to us when she’s older. We want her. She could sell ice to an Eskimo.”

Rebecca C
Calgary, AB.

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