Cash for Chores

Chores: To Pay or Not to Pay?  That is the Question!

As a part of a family it should be a child’s responsibility to contribute to the chores around the home.  This not only assists the parents with the work load but trains them to do different tasks that they need to do when they are adults.  It is amazing how many teenagers go to college or university and do not know how to wash dishes, do laundry or make any meals other than Kraft Dinner.

Now, a big question is should we pay our kids for the chores that they do?

Teaching Your Kids about the Real World

earthThis is a very important topic to address. For some reason, when it comes to money, many adults think they need to teach their kids hard lessons to prepare them for the real world.  The thinking is if their children do their chores they will get paid but if they do not do their chores then they will not get paid – after all if we as adults do not go to work we do not get paid.  This thinking seems to be logical, however, by withholding payment for chores not done it…

  • prevents us for teaching them how to handle money (they haven’t received).
  • deprives children of the very thing (money) that we’re trying to teach them to manage.

No matter how our children perform their chores we need to educate them and give them a good financial education.  If you only reward your children with money if they perform their chores well then you are only going to be teaching a small percentage of kids about money.

Back to the Question

It is our recommendation that ALL children have some responsibilities to help out around the home.  The chores should be age appropriate and under the guidance of older family members.  These basic chores are a required part of being a member of the family.

If you want to create consequences for your children for not doing their chores we would recommend taking away privileges and not finances.  Take away their TV time, computer time or time with friends as an example.

What about additional tasks?  Perhaps in your home the required tasks will be things like cleaning their room, brushing their teeth, helping with the dishes, vacuuming or other basic chores.  Things you may deem to be above the call of duty may be things like laundry, shoveling snow, cutting grass etc.  If you want to pay additional for these chores that would be fine but the basics should be their family obligation.

CA$H KIDZ is educational and at all costs you want to maximize these learning years so your children develop positive attitudes toward money before they enter the real world!

Fun Fact:

Giving kids chores is good for them.  The small tasks your 5-year-old can do around the house may not seem like much, but they can teach your child valuable lessons that will last into his preteen years and beyond. By the time your grade-schooler is 9 or 10-years-old, he can make significant contributions to household tasks.

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