CA$HKIDZ – An Introduction

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The Cash Kidz program was designed to offer the highest quality financial education program for your children. Cash Kidz will allow them to develop a successful financial IQ to ensure they are equipped to handle small and large money matters throughout their lives. Your children will learn, in a practical way, how to save, give, discover their world, have fun, and build long-term wealth.


Introduction & Statistics

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: David SenftComplexity: Easy

Learn why CA$HKIDZ was created by the creator himself as he shares some critical financial statistics in North America today.

5 Common Approaches

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: David SenftComplexity: Easy

So how did your family teach you about finances when you were a child? Did you learn valuable lessons that helped you be a great money manager? Probably not. This…

6 Keys to Raising CA$HKIDZ

Length: 2 minutesAuthor: David SenftComplexity: Easy

One of the biggest challenges in teaching our children about good financial management is knowing what TO DO as much as what NOT TO DO. Now that you know some…

The CA$HKIDZ Program

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: David SenftComplexity: Easy

This lesson allows you to preview the CA$HKIDZ material that will help you facilitate the program in your own home. You will also learn about the costs to raise your…

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