Don’t Teach Your Kids to Beg

beg3Without really realizing it most parents are teaching their children to beg for money giving them the feeling that money is hard to get. Let’s face it, the typical allowance only goes so far.

We all know the reality that when you get to the store your children will see the strategically placed chocolate bars and small toys by the cash register and inevitably ask if they can have one. If the parent or guardian denies the child of their want sometimes there can be a scene you would really rather avoid – so sometimes you give in.

How about the older kids heading off to a movie or to the mall. On the way out the door asking, “Mom, can I borrow $20?” They use the word borrow as if they intend to pay you back some day. It is hard for our children to build any sense of financial responsibility with the type of system most of us grew up with.

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