Education or Application – What is MOST important?

I am very passionate about the topic of practical application – especially when it comes to money matters.  We have a society that has been programmed that education alone is the key, but it is not just what you KNOW that is important but DOING WHAT YOU KNOW.

So many people think a good book or app is the answer – and perhaps that is true if you are just looking at selling information for a profit.  But what if you want to CHANGE an entire generation and it’s economic future – perhaps what we need is to teach AND apply a system that is practical and life changing.

Education is a good and necessary foundation that you can build your career or business on but your practical experience is the construction crew that builds a building that will attract people and determine your success. This is why many of the most successful people in the world are “uneducated” – but they are super smart – street smart. That means they have the practical application mastered.

We need to not only provide academic education and financial education (which is lacking) but above this we need to provide ourselves and our children with sound practical application activities to be successful in life.

Most of us have heard the saying, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”.  Somehow people missed the point and think if you create an app or give someone a book that they will be successful fisherman.

How did you become so good at your best skills??  By reading about it or actually doing it and through trial and error you learned, adjusted and readjusted until you became proficient at it.

Who Would You Trust?

Would you want someone performing surgery on you who has read 10,000 books on surgery or someone who has performed 500 surgeries and has a proven track record?

Do you want a financial adviser who took a 6-month course and is $25,000 in debt or do you want one who is wealthy and has put their principles into action in their own life for many years?

Do you want a mechanic who just graduated from YouTube or one that has worked on 1000s of vehicles just like yours?

How Do You reach The TOP?

If you are wanting to be an educator then academic education and teaching skills are your key, but what about everyone else?

If you want to be a super star in sports can you achieve that through reading books and using apps alone?

If you want to be a world class musician can you achieve that through reading books and using apps alone?

If you want to be a top salesperson can you achieve that through reading books and using apps alone?

So how is it that so many people believe that just reading and learning is the answer to becoming successful financially?

Good Financial Education + Good Practical Financial Application = Financially Prepared and Successful People.

Parents, financial advisers, and others who truly care about the financial future or our kids and our country need to get kids and their parents to embrace and actively engage in Good Practical Financial Application through programs like Cash Kidz.

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