Media & Events

Media Recognition

  • Christian Week – May 1, 2013
  • Medicine Hat News – August 15, 2012

Events & Presentations

Wealth Skills Education has a very informative 30-minute presentation to help educate families on the need and importance of financial education for children and teens.  We also have the ability to set up a booth at any of the events where we are one of the guest speakers.

Conference Invitations

Wealth Skills Education is happy to consider invitations to educational or financial conferences.  To see if it is a fit for your conference please contact us at support@

Private and Small Events

With today’s wonderful technology, Wealth Skills Education offers live presentations using online video conferencing.  With the high cost of travel, it can be prohibitive for small groups to have us come in for a live presentation.  To arrange a video conferencing presentation please contact us at support@


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