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Client Testimonials

12 Year Old Loves CA$HKIDZ
My name is Nathan. I am 12 years old and a Cash Kid. I have been using the program for three years.
The program has helped me in using my money wisely by putting money in; and dividing it up into the different envelopes.
I have been spending my fun money on toys, drinks and some video games.
For Christmas I asked for silver coins as they will increase in value over time. I keep my coins in a secure place.
The Cash Kidz program has taught me how to use money properly. I have learned the value of saving for the future, spending on responsible things. One of the things I have learned is if I want to purchase something expensive I wait until there is a sale. I really like the program and would recommend it to all kids.
Nathan W.

The CASH KIDZ program is a good one
Our daughter has learned to tithe from her Charity wallet and with the money she has put into her treasure wallet, and by adding all her big birthday/Christmas monies over the last 2 years, she bought herself a tablet at the end of June this year, and then she bought a special art tablet (called Bamboo) for herself.  We still pay for our daughter’s school fees, field trips and of course all her food and clothing but now she buys all her own magazines and no longer has the gimmes.  She does not ask for something new every day or week like she used to, and is very conscious of her spending.  She has also started to babysit occasionally and puts all money that she receives into her envelopes.  We love this program and have recommended it to several others.
Sharon M

The first payday just about killed mom!!
They both spend all there fun money on Pokemon cards with in the first 3 days of the month!! Then learned really fast if they did that they had no money for gum or Slurpees. Now less then a year later they both passed on going to a hockey game last night because they did not want to spend there money on something they did not REALLY want. I see that happening more and more. I still have to bite my tongue now and then on what they buy but its worth it!! they respect what they have more and understand that life is about choices.
We have also had the chance recently to teach our kids about emotional spending. The other day my oldest son was having a hard day, life was just not going the way he wanted. While at the store he pick up something that was going to empty his fun money wallet with one purchase. It was not something he had be asking for or looking for; I stopped and asked him why he wanted it. He didn’t know; he could not explain to me why he picked it up. After a few minutes of talking about his day and how he was feeling he put the item back. He chose to not emotionally spend his money. We then talked about when is a good time to shopping and when is it not. When you are hungry you don’t go grocery shopping and when you are upset you may not want to go to the mall to feel better. We also got a chance to talk about buyers remorse. All this would not have been brought to light if we did you use your program. Thank you so much for enriching our lives with it.
Cheryl & Kevin P

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