Is Financial Education Important?

kids-messIn our culture we put a very high value on academic education.  We have preschools, elementary and middle schools, high schools, private schools, home schools, colleges, universities, technical colleges and much more.  It is a government requirement that we provide our children with a proper academic education.  Academics are very important.

Now what about financial education?  We teach kids how to count but not how to balance a check book.  We teach kids how to do fractions but not how to create a budget.  We teach teenagers calculus and trigonometry but we do not teach them how to invest and start their own businesses.  Now I am not putting down the importance of academic education when I say this but in reality how many people ever use the math skills they learn after grade 8?  Not many but we are sure glad that some occupations require these high levels of math.

How many children when they grow up need to know how to budget, invest, manage money, deal with credit cards and debt, and understand how to qualify for a mortgage – EVERYONE!! yet this is rarely being taught in our academic institutions.

If we make sure our kids get a good academic education—no matter what—does it not also stand to reason that we should give them a good financial education also?  Of course it does.

Wealth Skills Education understands there is a huge need in the area of Financial Education – especially for children, and we are wanting to partner with parents and educators to bring a higher financial IQ to the children and teens around the world.

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