The Piggy Bank

Don’t Rely on that Old Piggy Bank to Teach Your Kids about Money

If you were like most children you probably had a piggy bank growing up.  What did that piggy bank teach you about financial literacy?  Did it prepare you for when you sat in front of your banker to see if you qualified for a mortgage?  Did you set your piggy bank on his desk and grin as it was bulging with your change?  Sounds a little funny doesn’t it.  A piggy bank is simply a prop we use to try to teach our kids how to save money.

piggy-bank-smashedThere’s no problem with wanting to teach our kids about saving money, but remember what you did with your piggy bank? As soon as you heard the ice cream truck coming down the street you were into that chubby little pig getting your hands on enough change for your favorite treat – right!

So what exactly is a piggy bank for?  It is simply a wallet for kids that they can access at any time until it is empty and they find themselves living allowance to allowance.  Sound familiar?

In these gloomy economic times, it’s time to re-think the piggy bank.  We need to start giving our children a proper financial education while they are young.  Educating your children with a fun, easy to use program that your children will understand and enjoy using like CA$H KIDZ will give them the head start they will need in life.


Ever wonder why we don’t have ‘Doggie Banks’ instead of ‘Piggy Banks’? The term comes from a reddish clay used for making pottery in the Middle Ages, called ‘pygg’. Money was often kept in jars or pots made of pygg. This type of pottery was called ‘piggery’, which was also a place where pigs were kept. The words got mixed up, and by the eighteenth century people were making pig-shape banks.

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