Q. What is a fair amount of money to start with for our 10 year old?

In our family we found that through 6 years of this program now that it is really important to provide the child with enough to cover all the needs they will have in the 5 accounts.

In the Family Guide there is a section on pages 11 and 12 to help you determine this amount as each family will be different.

In our home we came up with the figure from that chart of $10 x their age per month – so when our children were 10 years old their payday was $100. You have to remember that this is not an allowance. This is a payday and you are giving them responsibility over THINGS YOU WERE SPENDING ON THEM ANYWAY but of course they were not learning anything about the value of money when we pay for it instead of letting them pay for it.

Use those calculations from the book and see what number you come up with. Most families do between $7 and $15 x their age.

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  1. Jon Simcoe October 29, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Great tip.
    Can I use your posts in my newsletters? I already have a link at the back of the newsletter to the agent page, but some articles will showcase how important Cash Kidz really is, and how it helps.

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