Son, Get A Job!!

sonjobSon, Get a Job! This was the conversation behind me in line at Superstore today.

A teenager who was in grade 12 (they were talking about his graduation) was shopping with his mother. His mother was complaining that she was buying him chips and pop and other treats and it sounded like he was not deserving of it in her eyes. He was also asking her for $20 and she was refusing to give him any more money and was telling him he needed to “get a job”.  She was making a big deal about this and was acting like she wanted everyone around her to hear how irresponsible her son was (pretty sad).  I felt sad that this parent never took the time to teach her son to be financially responsible.

Have you seen or lived this? Most families have.

Raising kids who are financially responsible is the responsibility of parents. Yes, the home is where financial education must take place.

Raising kids and teenagers who are not financially savvy creates the following problems:

  1. Frustrated parents. You can see it on their faces and in their words.  The scene I saw today was interesting because the mother seemed to expect her teenage son to understand the value of money though my guess is he was never taught it in school or at home.  Many parents expect their kids to know this stuff but they do not realize it is their responsibility in the home to teach them.
  2. Stressed relationships. It is well documented that a high percentage of divorces are over financial difficulties. Have you ever stopped to think how financial stress it effecting your relationship with your children? Financial education for children, teens and adults is critical in EVERY home.
  3. Confused teenagers.  Children who grow up with mom and dad buying everything for them, and I am not just talking about spoiling them, just buying all the day to day stuff does not teach our kids anything.  It is important to allow your children to start managing some finances at a young age and give them some areas of budgeting responsibility.

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